Joyful Piano Studio Policies

Mission and Philosophy

  • Nurture the artistic spirit in young piano students, specializing in ages 4 - 13.

  • Encourage a lifelong love for music and learning.

  • Creatively use musical games, worksheets, iPad music apps, and other teaching aids to reinforce concepts taught during the lesson.Individualize lessons to match each student’s learning style(s) and developmental level.

  • Develop a positive team approach (teacher/student/mother) for greater success and progress.

Piano Lessons

At the Joyful Piano Studio, beginner through intermediate students ages 4 - 13 may take 30, 45, or 60-minute piano lessons. On a case by case basis, female students age 14 and older may be accepted for lessons as well. Students age 4 will use the WunderKeys™ Piano for Preschoolers method books. Students age 5 and older will use the Succeeding at the Piano® method books written by Helen Marlais.

Lessons will focus on the fundamentals of note reading, music theory, and ear training. Fun musical games, creative worksheets, and an iPad are incorporated to reinforce theory concepts and enhance learning. Composition and improvisation are also encouraged to nurture the creative side of the developing musician.

Teacher/Student/Mother Team Approach

Studies have shown that when young students are accompanied by their mother to lessons, students pay more attention to the teacher and are better behaved. Additionally, mothers will know what their child should practice and can assess progress during the week. Students with this type of involvement from the mother will progress at a much faster rate, which ends up saving money in the long term. *Alternatives to the mother can be a grandmother, aunt, or female nanny.

Specific Requirements Based Upon the Students Age

Students Age 9 and Younger: Due to the many benefits of mothers being present during lessons, the student’s mother is required to be present for the duration of each lesson. (Exception: After two years of piano study with Joyful Piano Studio, and if the instructor and mother are in agreement, the mother is no longer required to attend lessons. However, if the instructor or mother feels progress is slowing due to the mother’s absence, the mother will be asked to begin attending lessons again.)

Students Age 10 and Older: If the instructor and mother are in agreement, the mother is no longer required to attend lessons. However, if the instructor or mother feels progress is slowing due to the mother’s absence, the mother will be asked to begin attending lessons again. If a new or transfer student age 10 and older enrolls with the studio, the mother is required to be present for the duration of each lesson for the first three quarters of piano study.

Siblings are also welcome if the mother is present. The sibling(s) must be able to play quietly and/or work on their homework without causing a distraction during the lesson.

Please Note: The student’s father may attend lessons if the mother is present as well.

During the lesson, the mother is asked to follow these guidelines:

  • Please respect the student/teacher relationship and avoid interrupting or causing a distraction during the lesson.

  • Please do not answer for your child or make excuses for them during the lesson.

  • The key to being able to successfully help your child progress in piano lessons is to be a silent observer during the lesson. Then you are armed with the knowledge needed to assist your child with their practicing, which is very fulfilling for you and them!

Tuition and Payment

An introductory session is offered, free of charge, for the instructor to assess the child’s level, introduce materials, and answer questions. This session also gives both parties the opportunity to ensure a good fit.

Tuition and lessons are based on a quarterly system (Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer). In winter and spring quarters, Joyful Piano Studio follows the mid-winter break and spring break schedule of the Bellevue School District. (See studio calendar for dates.)

Lessons during the summer quarter benefit student progress by reinforcing and building on concepts learned during the school year. Registration for summer quarter is required for all students in order to guarantee a fall quarter lesson time. Although weekly lessons are recommended, Joyful Piano Studio understands this is more difficult in the summer. A minimum of six lessons are required for summer quarter. The instructor will work with families before the quarter to schedule lessons around family vacations.

Tuition Rates

60 minute lessons - $67

45 minute lessons - $52

30 minute lessons - $36

*The $2 discount (instead of charging 1.5 x 30-minute rate) for the 45-minute lesson and the $5 discount (instead of charging 2 x 30-minute rate) for the 60-minute lesson is offered to encourage these options. The longer times allow for a more comprehensive lesson, which also encourages a faster rate of musical progression.

Families should expect a yearly increase in tuition appropriate to cost of living increases, expenses, and services offered.

Annual Registration Fee

A non-refundable annual registration fee ($35 per student, $20 per adult student, not to exceed $80 per family) will be charged yearly and will be reflected on the summer quarter invoice for the upcoming academic year. When a new family signs up for lessons, they will be charged the registration fee for the current academic year. This fee reserves a lesson time in the studio and helps cover printing/copy costs and the incentive/reward program.

Tuition Payments

Joyful Piano Studio offers quarterly or monthly payment options.

Quarterly Payment Option

Quarterly payments are due at the final lesson of the prior quarter. (For example, spring quarter payment is due at the final lesson of winter quarter.)

If the student misses the final lesson of the quarter, payment for the upcoming quarter is still due that week.

Monthly Payment Option

Please ask the instructor for details regarding the monthly payment option. The monthly payment option requires post-dated checks which are due at the final lesson of the prior quarter. (For example, spring quarter payment is due at the final lesson of winter quarter.) If the student misses the final lesson of the quarter, payment for the upcoming quarter is still due that week.

A prorated invoice will be provided if a student joins the studio after the quarter has already begun. The tuition will reflect the number of lessons remaining for the quarter.

Tuition payments received late are subject to a $35 late payment fee.

Accepted Form of Payment

The accepted form of payment is by check. The returned check fee is $25. Please make checks payable to: Joyful Piano Studio. Tuition is non-refundable. (Up to two make-up lessons are given per quarter, see the attendance section for more details.) If discontinuing lessons, a two-week notice is required. A refund will be issued for unused paid lessons past the required two-week notice period.

What Tuition Covers

Tuition covers not only the individual time spent with the student, but also the following:

  • Lesson preparation/creating an individualized plan for the student’s course of study

  • Studio expenses

  • Development of teaching materials (musical games, worksheets, etc.)

  • Instructor's training and experience

  • Administrative tasks and bookkeeping

  • Organizing recitals

  • Continuing education

Payment for piano lessons is due in full whether the student attends each scheduled lesson or not. (See the attendance policy below.) Each student is scheduled for a specific weekly time slot. Your payment reserves that time slot. Joyful Piano Studio reserves the right to discontinue lessons if it is no longer a good fit.


Please be prompt for the start of the scheduled lesson time with all books and supplies. The studio door will be opened at the start of the lesson time. If a student arrives late, their lesson will consist of the remaining time left from their reserved lesson slot.

Student Health

Healthy habits are important for all student learners. Here are some friendly reminders on how to keep children at their optimum health:

  • Prioritize getting a good night’s sleep

  • Eat immune-boosting fruits and vegetables

  • Provide immune-boosting natural supplements (feel free to ask the instructor for recommendations)

  • Minimize sugar consumption (please do not give your children sugar four hours before the lesson)

  • Wash hands with soap and warm water

  • Try to train your children to keep their fingers out of their mouth and nose

Student Illness

To protect the health of the instructor, her family, as well as the other Joyful Piano Studio students and their families, please keep students home if they are sick. The studio offers the opportunity to make-up two missed lessons per quarter, with the primary intent being to make-up lessons missed due to illness. (See below for make-up lesson details.)

Make-up Lessons

When given at least 24 hour notice of cancellation, up to two lessons per quarter can be made up. The two make-up lessons must be held within the same quarter or the make-up lessons will be forfeited. Two Saturdays per quarter are set aside for make-up lessons. (See studio calendar for dates.) Students must first attempt to utilize open time slots in the regular teaching schedule for make-up lessons before a Saturday make-up will be scheduled.

Make-ups are not available for last minute changes (less than 24 hour notice) with the following exceptions: If the student (or mother if the student is 9 and younger) becomes ill overnight or comes home sick from school, call or text right away and a make-up lesson will be scheduled. Joyful Piano Studio reserves the right to turn away a student with visible signs of a contagious illness. One of the two make-ups offered per quarter will be scheduled in this event. A make-up lesson will also be scheduled in the event of a last minute family emergency.

Instructor: Like the student policy, up to two lessons per quarter cancelled by the instructor will be made up that same quarter.

Severe Weather: In the case of severe weather conditions (when it is too dangerous to drive), a make-up lesson will be offered.

Missed Lessons

Lesson times are reserved exclusively for each student. Missed lessons without notice are not made up, nor are fees adjusted. The lesson time is only a portion of what is covered by the tuition fee.

Books/Materials & Home Instrument

Appropriate books/materials are chosen by the teacher and the family will be responsible for purchasing them in a timely manner.

The best home practice instrument is an acoustic piano. However, the instructor understands that each family’s situation is different, and they may not be able or want to go this route when beginning lessons. If the student does not have an acoustic piano for practice at home, a digital piano (with a minimum of 61 keys) is a suitable alternative.

If using a beginner digital piano that does not have 88 fully weighted or graded hammer keys, the family will have two months to upgrade to either an acoustic piano or a fully weighted or graded hammer 88 key digital piano. The instructor will provide recommendations on purchasing the most cost effective, quality digital piano that meets studio requirements. This policy has been put in place to ensure the student's technique and progress will not be hindered, and they will have an adequate practice instrument at home.

Referral Bonus

Personal referrals are the best compliment a student and/or parent can give an instructor. The studio appreciates your referrals, and will credit your account $20 for each family who registers based upon your referral.

Privacy Statement

Out of respect for the privacy of all parties, no Joyful Piano Studio lesson content (video, voice recording, photos) shall be posted publicly on the internet (i.e. Facebook, YouTube, etc.). The instructor allows videotaping for the sole purpose of practice support for the parent and student during the week.



To download and/or print a full copy of these policies, please go to Joyful Piano Studio Policies. The parent(s) will be asked to agree to these policies and turn in the last page signed at the first lesson.