Joyful Piano Studio offers individual piano lessons to beginner through intermediate students, specializing in ages 4 - 13.

Ms. Elaine understands how to structure lessons for this age group to keep students engaged, interested, and wanting to practice!

This is accomplished by not only teaching the important fundamentals of piano, but also offering an incentive program, fun musical games, creative worksheets, and iPad music apps to reinforce theory concepts and enhance learning. Composition and improvisation are also encouraged to nurture the creative side of the developing musician. (Please scroll down to see reviews from families).

Ms. Elaine is a dedicated and enthusiastic full-time piano instructor with a two-year music degree and over four years of teaching experience. She has also been studying piano since the age of eight.

The studio is conveniently located in Bellevue, close to Sammamish, Redmond, Renton, Issaquah, Kirkland, Mercer Island, and Factoria.

Piano lessons are offered during the weekday and weekend to accommodate family schedules.

New Students

Are you interested in joining the studio?  If so, please contact Ms. Elaine to schedule a free assessment/meet & greet! 

Reviews from Families

"Ms. Elaine is a wonderful teacher! She is patient, organized, and has great tips and ideas to help the kids learn. My son really liked her and enjoyed learning piano with her. I highly recommend her! My son started taking lessons from her when he was in kindergarten. I have seen him grow consistently and considerably in his piano expertise over the past few years. Under her tutor-age he even attended public piano recitals and these went very well. You cannot get a better piano teacher in the Northwest!" Rashim A.

"My daughters haven been learning under Elaine for over two years. I appreciate her professionalism, and her dynamic with each child. Elaine is patient while teaching her students to focus, progress and meet expectations. We as a family highly recommend Elaine as a piano teacher." Cynthia P.

"Ms. Elaine is an amazing piano teacher! She is creative and thourogh and always has such a positive and encouraging attitude!!! Her attention to detail is apprecited and her love of teaching shines through at each lesson! We are so grateful to have her expertise and commitment to helping our daughter grow in her understanding and passion for the piano. Sincerely, Karyn E."

"Ms Elaine is not only a great teacher but she is a great mentor to my child. She is patient and my kid enjoys playing piano with her." Suruchi S.

"Mrs. Elaine is amazing! She is a wonderful teacher, very helpful, organized, and patient. You can tell she truly loves what she does. I highly recommend her!" Emily G.

"Elaine is an excellent teacher, and truly cares about the individual needs of each student. -Rebecca H."

"Ms. Elaine is a phenomenal teacher! Here's why she stands out from the rest:

1) She genuinely cares. She's very devoted to her students and spends so much time outside of class helping our kids have the best experience. Whether it's researching best practices, looking for the best prizes for the students' prize box, finding ways to help the students be more well-rounded musicians, making compliment books for the kids, etc., she is always working hard for us.

2) She's very enthusiastic. I'm amazed at her energy and how she's able to stay so positive. This is especially important when you work with kids. She has a special way of getting the best out of her students.

3) Her methods work. I don't know of any other teacher that asks parents to have such an active role (I am asked to not only actively attend the lesson but also to help my son each time he practices) but after seeing the success she has had, I think many more will start. I cannot believe the incredible progress my son has made in the last year and half. I am certain with any other teacher, he would not have made such gains.

I also like all her strategies. She has the greatest tips and creative ideas for how to approach musical concepts. My son really likes her (and his younger brothers can't wait to start) and he has become a great little pianist...can't beat that!" Jayron F.

"Elaine has been teaching 3 of my children piano lessons for 3 years now. She has since added a 4th. She is patient and encouraging yet firm. She makes sure they strive to do their best and teaches strong technique. She also include improv, ear training, and chords. Rather than just sticking to the books, Elaine is constantly coming up with fun, creative ways to reinforce the theory the kids are learning." He C.

"Professional, engaging, very responsive. I would recommend Ms Elaine to anyone looking for a good music experience for their children." Cynthia L.

"Energetic, kind, encouraging but also has clear expectations. My 11 year old daughter is really enjoying her first experience with piano, and she's learning a ton. We definitely appreciate the option of having Ms. Elaine come to our home." Cathy T.

"Elaine is very patient with my daughter. My daughter loves to go to piano lessons because Elaine makes learning fun for kids. I would highly recommend her to anyone. She want kids to learn and is tough when she needs to be but wants them to have a good and fun experience as well." Maria S.

"Elaine is a very kind and responsible teacher with diversified teaching methods tailored to each student.
She is good at bringing up students interest and understanding for music while also being strict with fundamental piano skills. We're lucky to have her as my daughter's piano teacher." Vivian L.

"We decided to join Ms Elaine's class after trying three others. She has a great patience and knows the best how to get well with our 4 year old son. Our son follows very well her instructions although he cannot even sit for a little bit before other teachers. He had tons of fun and became loving piano and in general classic music, in his own words." Huiyong X.

"Elaine knows how to motivate kids and her technics of making the lesson fun, excitement and in the same time very informative for the student so they progress pretty good. My daughter waits already for her at the window what should I say more..." Galia A.

"Ms. Elaine did an initial "interview" with my 6 year old daughter, who had been having lessons when her teacher decided to go back to a 9-5 job. Elaine reviewed the old books my daughter was using, which luckily she uses too, to see what her level of understanding from her previous lessons was. She used some super fun and cute toys and tablet apps to test her. So far my daughter's lessons are going well. She really loves the various incentives that Elaine uses. She gets very excited to stamp her pages when she's completed one. She loves to practice everyday to earn more stamps each week. Elaine was very accommodating to help fit us in her schedule and gave us options to find what worked for us. Her prices are really good and about the same average as other teachers in this area. I would recommend Ms. Elaine to anyone looking for lessons for their children, especially their beginners." Amy D.